Product Review: TRESemmé’s Smooth & Silky Collection

Smooth & Silky ShampooSmooth & Silky Conditioner

The One That Tames the Mane

Finding the perfect hair care product can be a challenge but in the wintertime, it can be particularly difficult to find a shampoo and conditioner collection that keeps flyaways to a minimum while restoring hair’s luscious locks from the dry weather. There are so many products to choose from, let alone many different brands: Herbal Essence, TRESemmé, Dove, Garnier. What is the better buy? One product to consider while browsing the aisles is TRESemmé’s Smooth & Silky collection. It is not your overpriced salon brand product but claims to provide the same effects. Hair needing a moisturizing wash, gentle enough for everyday use is exactly why this product was created. This product not only cleans hair with a special touch of Moroccan Argan oil, it also leaves hair up to “7x smoother”, and is especially effective if you follow the brands simple how-to video.

How does the collection work?

This collection is a specific concoction of materials that fight intense frizz and flyaways, while moisturizing hair to be shiny and full of life. It is infused with Moroccan Argan oil, which comes from the kernels of the argan tree found in Morocco. It is an oil typically used to dip in bread or to pour on pasta. However, it is becoming an extremely popular ingredient in high-end, personal-care products, which is why TRESEmmé has a great reputation for being “professional but affordable” haircare. You can even find bottles of Moroccan Argan Oil for hair and skin on amazon for as much as $25 a bottle, yet TRESemmé infuses their shampoo and conditioner with it for about $4 a bottle. The company suggests following the directions on the back of the bottle for best results, and pairing the products together. This particular collection focuses on soft, shiny hair but they have many other collections, each with their own specific focus.

How do other brands compare?                            

Many other drug store brands provide similar results and come at about the same price. I personally have been using TRESemmé for a few years now, and I have been the happiest with this brand compared to others. I found that Herbal Essence and Garnier do not detangle my hair as much as TRESemmé does, so my hair does not end up being as soft and smooth. A few reviews on Amazon for TRESemmé Smooth & Silky say that it immediately made hair feel less brittle after just one wash and it actually dried curly hair bouncy, not frizzy. Brittney on Amazon said, “I’m kind of a shampoo snob, so I tend to get the pricier stuff..I am overall pleased.. except for the conditioner”. Brittney claims the conditioner actually left her hair drier than if she just used the shampoo alone. She recommends using the shampoo and sticking with a different conditioner. Overall, the products have received 4.3 out of 5 stars and most customers are pleased.

Herbal Essence has a collection infused with Moroccan Argan oil as well, and it has decent reviews from customers except some describe oily hair after using it more than one day in a row. Customers still recommend the product but suggest only using it every few days and rotating other shampoos into their routine. TRESemmé users never mentioned a similar problem, although they both contain the same ingredient. Although, Dana on Amazon was very displeased with TRESemmé’s product because she states, “My scalp became SO dry after use”. Overall, depending on your scalp, and what type of effect you are looking for this product may be worth a shot.


When browsing the aisles of a drug store, TRESemmé may stand out as a brand a little bit pricier than the rest. Herbal Essence shampoo or conditioner goes for about $2.50 a bottle, Garnier for about $4.72, and TRESemmé for about $4.50 a bottle. Some other brands may go for as low as $2 a bottle, but you really are buying quality along with quantity. TRESemmé does not sell bottles under 32oz and Herbal Essence, for example, sells bottles with as little as 10oz in it. So checking out the quantity along with the price actually makes this product just as good of a bargain as other brands.

Final recommendation?

I recommend trying out TRESemmé in general, even if this Smooth & Silky collection specifically does not sound like something worth buying. Many people have different hair texture and scalp sensitivities, but there are so many different collections dedicated to specific characteristics. I have tried similar brands, and although they have smelled very nicely and gotten my hair more cleanly than it was before, I have been most pleased with this particular brand. I have very thin, baby fine hair and this product detangles my locks nicely. However, curly hair or thick hair may not react the same way. I found many reviews stating otherwise, but ultimately the choice is up to the consumer. TRESemme’s Smooth & Silky collection is a great bargain that will not let you down during the days of dull winter weather.

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